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Metallic Structures

Made in Brașov



ELMAS offers easy access to a full range of services, from design, consultancy to product delivery, in the field of metal structures.


Our qualified staff offers consultancy in the field of metal structures and constructions and support in selecting the optimal solutions.

Mechanical processing

Depending on the requirements of our customers and based on our current technical capacity, we offer turning, laser cutting, plasma cutting, sheet metal bending and blasting services.

Technical tests and examinations

Our own testing laboratory carries out various specific works to ensure the high level of competitiveness of our products:

Destructive testing

  • - tensile and compressive tests with specific determinations at a maximum force of 400 kN
  • - charpy pendulum resilience tests, ISO and NIST E23
  • - microscopic analysis of materials and determination of various geometries of welded joints
  • - tests and investigation procedures for the chemical composition of materials
  • - Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell metal hardness tests

Non-destructive testing

  • - ultrasonic testing
  • - liquid penetrant testing
  • - magnetic particle testing


We develop technical designs and 3D simulations within our own assisted design department.


According to the requirements of the beneficiary, we can also provide metal structure assembly services.


In partnership with specialized companies, we also offer the transport of products directly to the customer’s premises.